O Freunde, nicht diese Töne


Work, of sorts

In the interstices of, shall we say, the main challenges of the moment, it is still possible to do some work. See, if you are interested, my composer's blog.

Another day

Another day of life, another day of love - even if its subjects are out of reach. Thank you, universe!

Loving keeps me living.

It is much better to be than not to be, and much better to be here than anywhere else - except, that is, by the side of my loved ones.

Keeping Faith 2

Episode 6, closer to the bone than I had bargained for. Is this mere coincidence, so hot on the heels of Towles and Doerr?

You can see the enforcers and the family breakers in action. Are they accountable to no one? Do they have all the power? Does no human conscience rule their muscle-flexing? Do the sacred bonds of love really mean absolutely nothing in this society? Are we actually, beyond any figure of speech, in a totalitarian state?

Keeping Faith